My plans

I’m currently expanding my post on the Self Indication Assumption and the Great Filter into an honours thesis, due at the end of October. So barring bouts of procrastination or especially hard work deserving of blogging rights, I will probably remain fairly quiet till then. In the mean time, if you have any opinions on what career or the like I would be relatively good at, or anything else relevant to what I should do upon my impending graduation other than do a dance and read all those books I meant to before saving the world in some yet to be fully worked out fashion, please tell me here.

7 responses to “My plans

  1. You could teach English overseas in Korea or China – they prefer women, even.

    Well, that’s probably a silly suggestion. Maybe you should go to grad school in lieu of any better plans. If the school pays for tuition and provides a livable stipend (as a good one would), it can be a pretty good way to spend a few years.

  2. You should check out Bic Nostrum’s work on the economic doomsday argument (see e.g. “Are You Not Living in a Computer Simulation?”, forthcoming in Journal of Real World Studies). It turns out that you’re just as likely to run out of money even under the Self Employment Assumption.

  3. I think you would make an excellent professional blogger, but sadly there’s not really a large enough market for those.

    My first recommendation for a “real job” would be academia; specifically, philosophy professor, since you’re very good at abstract reasoning about interesting, general problems (and communication thereof.)

    However even that’s not a real real job, and its also a small market with relatively poor pay (not sure what your indifference curve looks like for money vs job satisfaction.) Plus a lot of professional philosophy I think ends up leading down intellectual dead ends.

    I imagine you would be good at other more practical kinds of abstract thinking, but jobs in those areas generally involve specific acquired skill sets (e.g. maths), and I’m not sure where your strengths would lie most.

    Since you want to save the world, if grad school doesn’t seem like your thing I suggest maybe looking for intellectually interesting work for a non-profit in whatever area you think holds the most promise for net total gain to global utility. Of course that’s a non-trivial calculation….

    I think I need more information about both your preferences and your non-blog related abilities to give you more useful advice.

  4. Do a PhD in economics. You can learn a lot, it is rigorous, teaches hard skills, yet allows you a lot of freedom in research. I am an economist, and we need more smart people in the profession who care about truth, rather than just careerists. Also good preparation for journalism, politics and the like if the goal is to do good rather than career in itself.

  5. I agree with Paul, you would be of great help to the Singularity Institute.


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