Why are delicious biscuits obscure?

Crossposted from world spirit sock puppet.

2 responses to “Why are delicious biscuits obscure?

  1. This time there is no text, just the crossposting line, which may or may not be intentional (this is how I used to crosspost on shorform).

  2. Thanks. Yeah, the crossposting mechanism seems to be broken, though I’m not sure how. I also can’t actually edit it to fix the post (or post things manually) because WordPress lately won’t allow me to edit posts here at all :/ I am focusing my website fixing efforts at worldspiritsockpuppet.com, and probably giving up on it over here. I recommend replacing this blog with https://worldspiritsockpuppet.com/meteuphoric.html or its feed https://worldspiritsockpuppet.com/feed/by_tag/meteuphoric.xml. Apologies!


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