Want to meet?

Do any of you live in the Bay Area or Pittsburgh and want to have a meetup? I will be in the Bay Area the coming weekend, and in Pittsburgh most other times in the foreseeable future.

5 responses to “Want to meet?

  1. I’m in the Bay Area – there’s a Less Wrong meetup in Berkeley at 7pm every Wednesday.

  2. Could be entertaining!

  3. I’m in SF. Would love to join in a get-together. I’ll leave it to others to suggest the time/location (“time” since I’m pretty free next weekend, and “location” since I’m pretty new to the city and don’t know my way around yet). Except to say that my apartment near 15th & S. Van Ness could work for a group of 10 or fewer and might be convenient.

  4. I would love it if you showed up for my gaming events when you said you would. :P

    Also, if you keep having parties at your place I’ll keep showing up to them when I’m available.

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