A puzzle

What do these things have in common? Nerves, emotions, morality, prices.

7 responses to “A puzzle

  1. Which kind of “nerves”?

  2. the sort that tell your brain when your toe is stubbed

  3. Are you not going to post again until someone answers your riddle?Um… they’re all forms of communication? They’re all context-dependent? They’re all stochastic?

  4. That’s a good idea – actually I hadn’t posted for the less interesting reason that I’m busy and was distracted by changing continents.Communication is on the way – communication of what, and to what end?

  5. How about "They are all in the mind" was my first thought, though nerves seems to contradict that.

  6. Consider that they all involve things outside the mind also. Relevant, but not the answer.

  7. They are ways of achieving goals, nerves achieve the goals of moving limbs, emotions achieve the goals of basic drives (Freud's id perhaps), morality achieves the goals of a stable and long term consistency with your values (Freud's ego maybe) and money achieves goals in the practical world involving other minds.


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